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Lighthouse’s asset-backed p2p loans provide a simple and quick route by which Borrowers can gain access to financing by allowing them to use their property or properties as security for repayment of the loans. With its access to a range of Investors, Lighthouse can act rapidly in response to Borrower requests by arranging loans without undue delay thereby providing certainty to Borrowers enabling them to take advantage of business opportunities and prospects for growth.

Lighthouse’s minimum loan is US$250,000 – typically repayable within one to three years with monthly payments of interest.

Lighthouse's maximum loan-to-value (“LTV”) is 65% of the independently-appraised value of the property over which it will take a registered first charge to secure the repayment of loan principal and monthly interest.

Benefits to Borrowers of Lighthouse’s p2p offering

  • Rapid response time – with a “can-do” attitude
  • Lending decisions are made quickly based on a comprehensive review of the Borrower’s financial circumstances
  • Flexibility based on the local knowledge and experience of Lighthouse’s senior management, Board of Directors and professional advisors
  • Transparent, competitive costs – comprising a one-time Negotiation fee and a legal fee
  • Ready access to senior Lighthouse personnel in a position to engage in a pro-active manner on all aspects of the loan

Our history

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