Our history

Fiduciary Services


Lighthouse acts as trustee of several TCI-situs family trusts settled by affluent individuals primarily for the purpose of preserving and growing the value of the trust assets over successive generations.

Protector services

In selected circumstances, Lighthouse or its senior personnel will accept the role of Trust Protector, principally to oversee the activities and decision-making processes of the incumbent trustees and where appropriate, to recommend and effect changes to applicable trust deeds and the replacement of trustees themselves as well as in some cases, approving the winding-up/termination of a trust.

Private client services

Complementing our traditional trustee/beneficiary relationships, we serve individuals, families and companies by holding, disbursing-on-request and providing a regular accounting of their liquid funds and other assets.

Charitable foundations & education funds

Senior Lighthouse personnel sit on the Boards of local charitable and philanthropic entities, assisting in the choice of charities and individuals to benefit therefrom and nature of the donations, and in accounting for the income and expenditures of such organizations.

Escrow services

Lighthouse acts as Escrow Agent/Stakeholder in situations involving multiple parties engaged in substantial and complex transactions – completion of which can often stretch out over extended periods.