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The p2p Proposition

Commonly abbreviated to “p2p”, the fundamental principle of peer-to-peer lending is the matching of client Investors with qualified Borrowers to facilitate mutually-beneficial property-based financing solutions.

Investors are generally high net worth individuals, businesses and trusts while Borrowers are creditworthy individuals and businesses seeking financing over short and medium terms for the purpose of acquisition or development and secured over the acquired or developed property.

Advantages of p2p over traditional bank borrowing

Timeliness and efficiency

The entire process can often be completed within one week.


Once prescribed criteria are met, a firm commitment to advance funds will be made.


Repayment terms can be changed as circumstances change – including early repayment.


Availability of funds for more complex situations than those favoured by banks.


You’ll always be dealing with the same people – people you know.


Terms and conditions can be tailored to suit individual borrowers.

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